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Does your church, community organization or club want to help its members reach their full potential? Utimate Success Life Skills Seminars can help anyone attain their goals -- no matter how broad or specific.

Hosting a seminar is a win-win! We provide incentive programs for for-profit organizations that want to host seminars, and allow nonprofit organization to raise money through hosting seminars.


•  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

•  When people lack basic life skills, you can offer them assistance. However, they
   don’t know how to take advantage of it.

•  Using life skills programs in conjunction with state assistance programs can significantly
   improve success rates.

Jobs Programs 

Having the physical and mental abilities to do a job is insufficient. An individual will
soon lose that job if he/she does not understand the importance of basics, such as:

•Taking pride in one’s appearance

•Showing up on time

•Taking care of his/her vehicle so one can have reliable transportation, or making
arrangements to take public transportation

•Controlling his/her temper

•Managing one’s finances

Housing Programs

If an individual was not raised to understand the importance of taking care of his/her property, he or she often lacks the life skills to do so. He or she simply may not recognize that the way a person cares for his/her home…

•Reflects the amount of pride a person has in himself/herself

•Impacts the value of his/her neighbor’s home

•Discourages businesses from wanting to invest in the area

•Contributes to crime rates in one’s neighborhood

Impacts one’s resale value, and the degree to which
a person can take care of him




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