Tyrone Poole - Media Spokesperson
“When Your Story Needs Some Hot Sauce!” No matter the story, no matter the angle, if you are looking to spice things up, book Tyrone Poole! In addition to his 14 years in the NFL (12 years as a starter) and two Super Bowl Championships, Tyrone is a sought-after interview resource.
His thoughtful, provocative insights — from football, to business, to family relationships — capture audiences across the nation and world. Whether you are are looking for someone to provide play-by-play game commentary, or post-game analysis, Tyrone is second-to-none. And, as you would expect from the author of a book titled, 
Tyrone also has captivating thoughts about personal and business success. Although some former players are hesitant to tackle tough topics, Tyrone embraces the opportunity to make us all dig a little deeper, and find our own truths.