Tomorrow's Leaders

Planting THE S.E.E.D.s

that Grow Champions

People and companies excel when they plant and nurture four types of S.E.E.D.s. When these S.E.E.D.s bear fruit, productivity and morale soar, and everyone wins.

Based on Two-Timed Super Bowl Winner Tyrone Poole’s best-selling book, Ultimate Success Life Skills Seminars can help any person of any socio-economic background – ages 10 to 100- Prepare for, and embrace, Ultimate Success in his or her own life!



Tyrone Poole is a former NFL (National Football League) 14 years veteran, 2X Super Bowl Champion, Author, Inventor, Founder, Speaker and TV Personality.  He has presented to some of the world's most effective leaders and business developers.  He is the best selling author of "ULTIMATE SUCCESS IN THE GAME OF LIFE" for those looking for ultimate success instead of average success. 

Tyrone is now seen as the go-to motivational keynote speaker for corporate and association markets that want their people to improve their morale, teamwork and communication and ultimately achieve more results.  His messages are full of inspiration, knowledge and humor.

Tyrone wants to plant seeds that will grow and change your environment.  He is available for Colleges, K-12 schools, Commencements, Conferences, Keynote and Workshops.  

“Tyrone’s Five Ps of Success resonated with our franchisees. Having [him] as a keynote speaker inspired our group to reach greater goals in our business.” - Rich Henderson,

President & CEO Jani-King – GA Region

With flexible format offerings ranging from one day to three days, we present our Ultimate Success Life Skills Seminars around the globe. From companies that want to improve productivity, to cities that want to build better schools and communities, Ultimate Success Life Skills Seminars have something for everyone. Our first seminal components include:


  • Assessing How Personality Traits Help or Hinder Us

  • Mastering Life Skills through Information Presentations

  • Documenting Personal Progress Through Study Guides

  • Focusing on Fitness: “The Body-Mind Connection”

  • Learning Through Interactive, “Role-Playing” Skits


What Our Clients Say…


“I am a strong advocate for Ultimate Success Life Skills Seminars…

and will help advance them in any way I can.”

-State Representative Bob Trammell, Atlanta, GA


“Tyrone Poole is both inspirational, and Inspiring. Our Conference attendees truly benefited from his life skills insights. We look forward to having him back.”

                -The Diversity Channel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“Ultimate Success is not dictated by the size of the college you attend. It’s about the level of effort you put forth. Our students can’t wait to hear Tyrone this fall”

                -Leroy Nesbitt, Black Student Fund, Washington D.C.

Inspiring the WILLING to WIN the “S.U.C.C.E.S.S. BOWL”!


Tyrone Poole is much more than a best-selling author, sought-after motivational speaker and two-time Super Bowl champion. He is a change agent...someone who is able to tap into the driving forces necessary to cross goal lines. Through his powerful yet empathetic approach, Tyrone helps individuals, organizations and communities make the positive changes that propel personal and professional growth.


Author of “Ultimate Success In The Game Of Life,” Tyrone challenges all of us to stop settling for “average”

success. Success is relative, and we all achieve some level of success in our lives. However, if you want to reach “ultimate” success – if you want to achieve goals beyond your wildest imagination – you need to follow Tyrone’s proven method for silencing the naysayers.

Labeled too small and too inexperienced to even make the roster of an NFL team, Tyrone enjoyed what only the

most elite professional football players ever experience: a 14-year career, and two Super Bowl wins. Likewise, he has gone on to dispel myths about how ex-athletes cannot design and lead their own businesses. In addition to his writing and speaking endeavors, Tyrone is a proud entrepreneur, inventor, fitness guru and television personality. He won his S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Bowl, and so can you!

“When we signed Tyrone, ...some thought he was on the downside of his career. Thankfully, he quickly proved that label to be wrong as he quickly became a key contributor to two championship seasons.”

- Bill Belichick, Head Coach New England Patriots